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Dear My Future Husband

Dear My Future Hubby:

I am a close call between Synclaire from “Living Single” and “Shanice” (Cole’s girlfriend on Martin) kind of slow. Don’t get confused, I’m very bright but I’m just real goofy. Prime example, I like to play with the empty paper towel roll and sing or role play well-known black film scenes (i.e. Tyler Perry or Soul Food). But there may be some days you might question me and ask if we need to collect a check on my ass.

-Your Mentally Challenged at Times Wife

3 comments on “Heads Up

  1. Scoobie says:

    First of all this one made me holler because where is the lie ?! Lol your husband is going to be blessed with a slow yet dope soul !

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  2. jazzoh says:

    Wait….. collect a check tho 🤣🤣. The ppl u matched it up tooo i literally laughed


  3. Ayesha Auguste says:

    As her sister she does not tell a lie, I tried yo claim her on my taxes.


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