Dear My Future Husband:

I want you to know that there are several layers to me and there will be many layers to our relationship but the simple parts are in layer one.

  1. Don’t ignore me. Cause then I have to hop on the crazy train and be the conductor and get my passengers (friends) to help steer the bitch … hit me back.
  2. You can’t be sensitive. So as God is still preparing you ask him for a thick layer of skin cause ima roast you if you look crazy. Like if you wearing something crazy or say something weird, just know the roast is ending in a “head-ass”. So be able to run them jokes like Martin does Pam
    The moment you wanna give yourself away, I will be offering your body up as a sacrifice. Don’t do it baby. *Bryson Tiller voice* Don’t
  • Love,
  • Your Almost Crazy Wife

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