Dear My Future Husband:

Now, I will compromise on a few things. I will even conform if fully needed on certain things, however, I will NOT be with you if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ. I often joke that I am Ruth and just waiting on my Boaz, (refer to your bibles if you don’t know the story people). Now I’m not a bible thumper HOWEVER, I read my word, I pray, I TITHE and I worship every Sunday and at least once during the week. Spirituality/religion is what I won’t bend on and I feel most strongly about.  

All that I am and all that I have (or will have) is because of God. Through every struggle, mistake/wrong-turn, victory or moment in my life I owe to God. I have grown to know this walk in life is not my own but my walk of purpose. I cannot afford to have anything or one to mess it up but help me. Some days are hard and I don’t feel like praying. Some days I’m weary and I don’t have the faith I should. I doubt just as any other person, but that’s my walk with God.

I need you to not only believe in God (and I do mean believe like the affirmation of faith and the Lord’s prayer type of believe) but know he is the head of all we do. I need you to be the man of faith that is willing to pray for me when I can’t pray for myself. Can you be the person that prayed for me when I am at my darkest hour? Will you be able to be a leader in your faith over our household?

Are we equally yoked? Again, we can joke and play, but if we gon be in this, I need you to serious on your walk and be the man of God not I want but what I need. 

-Your Future Ruth

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