You’re Brown Sugah

Dear My Future Husband:

Ima let you know now! The moment we jump that broom I’m jumping ya bones! Like seriously jumping the hell out of you. We both grown and by then it’s not in sin cause we husband and wife (jokes). Like on the way to reception we might just got to handle something cause listen . . I WANT ALL OF THAT

But seriously, I want to love you. I want to love you passionately for the rest of my life. I want you to feel the love I’m giving to you physical outside of the emotional and spiritual. I want us to be one. I know it won’t happen every time because you know kids and things like quickies happen. Bu I want you to know I desire you. I will desire you every day of our marriage. You won’t have to think if you are wanted. I will want you forever. I will want your arms around me all the time. I want your body next to mine every night, to feel your skin on mine, your lips touch mine and mine be on yours. I want you to be the moth to my flame. I want to be the honey you need to suck on to survive. I want to be that sweet thing you need. Your kryptonite cause you definitely will be mine. I mean, I’m so weak over you. I want to be weak like, let’s hurry and put the kids to sleep so I can have you and all to myself. I want you like okay, lets hurry up and get home so I can give you this real good. I want to make love you all the time. I want to love you all the time, you’re my brown sugah.

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