Dear My Future Husband:

So we haven’t talked about the clear elephant in the room. CHILDREN !

Are we having them or nah? Do you want children, if so how many? Like truly can we talk about this. I never truly was one of those girls growing up saying “I want to get married and have kids.” I was more kind of like “I wonder if I can use my niece as my kid for a free extra meal.”

Now that I’m older, I’m on this fence. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Don’t get me wrong I love children, THAT ARE NOT MINE! Like, babe, I enjoy visiting my sister or having her visit me and guess what leaves with her after 5 or 6 six hours of my name being yelled, HER DAMN KIDS! My sisters kids are like my true babies, I’ve been an auntie since 16 … see how that also changes my views on kids.

Lets be clear, them suckas is always damn hungry, like GO ON A DIET hungry head ass. Then, I have to carry it for 9 months. I promise you, I hate myself and my monthly flow, and that happens ONCE A MONTH !! You want me to go through cravings, body changes/aches, mood swings and lord knows what else? Then money !! MONEY ! They are costly. Then when or how can we travel and have our grown and sexy time. Ima need some Mr. Nasty Time.

But you know what, they are also the most precious beings that I could give you, give myself. To have something made in love come from me and we love, I’m dying inside just thinking about it. If it’s a boy, I want him to your mini you and if its a girl, shit, we all need to run for damn cover. But to know we made that and are going to love it with everything in us. Makes me love you some more.

Yeah, I wanna have your baby

– Your Baby Momma Wifey

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