If You Let Me

Dear My Future Husband:

I’m always telling you what I want. What I expect. What I desire. I had a talk with myself, with God. I can’t always be concerned about me and my needs or wants and never seek your happiness.

I want to be your quiet place. You come to me when you need solitude. This world is going to beat and attack you in every direction. Come to me with your sorrows. Lay them on my lap as I ease your console you.

I want to be your doctor. When you’re sick and need the love and care that you had as a little boy. Let me get the bandages and knee wraps after you played ball too hard with your boys, cause you clearly think you’re still in your 20’s. Come and lay beside me and I will help nurse you.

Let me be your diary of your deepest darkest moments as a man.

Let me be your friend when none of your boys get what you trying to say.

Let me nurture you. Let me make you laugh so hard you have stomach pains cause I’m that damn slow. Let me make you smile just because I know I can. Let me love you. Like, really love you.

Bring all of you to me and I will fulfill all of your needs and wants as you’ve always wanted. If you let me . .

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