DMFH letters

Dear My Future Husband,

  Just so we are clear, I am ready and waiting on you. I went through high school with idiots, college with boys in sheeps clothing and,  now a degree and career later, still tryna see where you at  for real!

I won’t lie to you, in this process I have been dating but they are test runs until God say’s we are both ready. I mean, I would like to think I’m ready just like the next person. I  fasted, prayed, and focused on me. I know me real well! So again, what are you doing that God is keeping you from me? You know what, I probably curved you by mistake. So if you would like to take this time and come back into my life, I accept. I didn’t know baby. 

But can I be transparent? There is a lot about myself and you we both don’t know yet. We both are working on some things. As I really sit and get me together, and sit and get you together, I will take the liberty of you getting to know me and 
how crazy, sarcastic, romantic, emotional, spiritual, sexy, intellectual, and stimulating our marriage finna be.Sock-Puppets-From-Hell-You-Ready


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